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Any interest in a group paddle in the Tetons?

Sep 1, 2012
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Northwest Wyoming
I wrote earlier about getting reservations on Leigh Lake in the Grand Tetons. The trip starts July 23, and is for four nights, so the paddle out would be July 27. That's a Monday through Friday. If anyone would be interested in joining me, I can provide more information.

(Killer perverts from the Internet need not apply.)

The location and landscape look indescribably beautiful. If I could I/we would be there in a heartbeat. But it can't happen for us. Thank you for this open invite, I hope you'll have a great time. Please post a trip report!!
Yeah, Mason, my standards are pretty high.

Odyssey, I used to live near Ontario (Soo). You have many beautiful places to go, too. Maybe some other time. :)
No, If I was younger and had started paddling far earlier then that, I'd be there. But having started this late in life there is plenty of places to paddle in the East. I'm going to take google's hint and head North.
Um.. We are going to Nevada in January. I don't mind bringing a canoe. But I think the Tetons would be pretty icy then.
Maybe we will do the Rio Grande if I can figure out how to climb a fence.
Enjoy Temagmi. I hear the Marines will teach you how to climb a fence... I think they call it "defeating" a fence. Y'all have fun.
22 years US Army, 9 of them as a Combat Engineer. I'll teach the Marines to blow the fence with a Bangalore Torpedo, no climbing needed.
Pringles - Flying in to Jackson for the annual fly fish trip on the 18th and leaving on the 28th. I will leave you GPS coordinates for a cache with a nice Malbec and some smoked Gouda. 8^)