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Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Company



Aircraft Spruce was the source for release treated peel ply tape, in 1 to 6 inch rolls. (Thanks again Glenn MacGrady).

When I called to order a roll of 6” peel ply tape the engagingly conversational representative enthused about how she was also sending me a catalog, and a color chart for “Flight-Proven Dopes and Paints”.

I expected to receive some slender catalog, and had hopes that the catalog might offer Dynel fabric in tape form. I don’t think it does, but I haven’t yet looked through every page; the catalog is almost 1100 pages. It’s like McMaster Carr for small airplane stuff.

They do carry some hard to find fabrics, 1” glass tapes, various kevlars, varieties of carbon fiber and carbon fiber tape and tow.

On the “Flight-Proven” paint and dope side, 50 different urethane colors of Randolph paint, another 50 colors from Superflight System 7, and 10 different dope colors. Also cleaners, adhesives, polishes, scrapers, etc, etc, etc. Gaskets of every damn size, might even have them to fit blue barrels, I’m still paging through.

And of course propellers, gauges, wheels.