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50 Pounder Rebuild

Ha! Thanks Pat.

1908 17’ Charles river AA grade with closed gunnels and an unknown maker 12’ square stern.

I was lucky to source some old long mahogany, so I’m hoping the Charles river is a beauty when finished.

The square stern is next- my 6 yr old boy is always wanting to go fishing and the bass boat scares me a bit to have him in it. He could easily walk off the deck and it only knows slow and too fast. I have an early 50’s Johnson 3 horse that I’m looking forward to rebuilding for it too.

I’m always looking out for a Chestnut prospector to rebuild as well.

Wow, don't know how I missed this thread, but it was a great Sunday afternoon read. Looks awesome, can't wait to see how it paddles.
Looks awesome, can't wait to see how it paddles.
Thanks, me too! Wind is crazy today. Hopefully one day after work this week. The Wife surprised me with a Bruce Smith paddle today for Father’s Day- should be a good combo.

Another thanks to Robin also- without him posting Schuyler’s number on this site I wouldn’t have come across this canoe and Schuyler’s generous shared knowledge.
Cheeseandbeans, I doubt I’ll ever attempt a Wood Canvas refurbishment, but threads like this hold so much arcane history about WC canoes, and such a willing-to-share knowledge base, that I am continually fascinated.

Still, if I ever work on a 1948 canoe it will likely be an original Grumman.

Or, even better, my stolen 1960’s Monkey Wards Sea King. I still want that piece of family paddling history back. Heck, if I ever find it I want 25 years of rental fees.