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Where the heck I've been.

Feb 14, 2013
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Hey, everybody!

I've been absent from here for a while, because I limited my forum time to the Bushcraft site while catching up on projects and preparing for this summer's trip to Alaska. That trip has been canceled due to the virus disrupting the logistics, so now I'm hoping to do this year some of the things I planned for next year. That is, if borders are opened and people get back to work. I've started a thread in "destinations" about Bowron Lakes, if anybody has something helpful to offer there. (Why does spellchecker refuse to let me type "Bowron" without correcting its correction multiple times?)

Anyway, I've been busy otherwise in the shop, with home projects and a few small canoe projects - like installing a saddle in the Guide, modifying the seat in the Sojourn, and adjusting the bulkhead saddle in an Esquif Vertige to fit me. Lately, since plans have changed, I've been getting out on the local lake often, with the intent of tuning up and conditioning for a long, mostly flat water trip.

So, yeah, I'll be dropping in here more often again. I've missed reading posts from all of you.
Aug 8, 2019
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Hey Steve. What is the bush crafting site? I taken to this time wasting craft recently and would like to see what others are up to. Here are 2 mallets I made last weekend. One maple, one cherry