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What's your best dehydrated meal?

Does anyone dehydrate raw eggs? I'm not talking about those freeze dried eggs you buy. I mean raw eggs dehydrated like you would anything else. I've seen dozens of videos on dehydrating eggs and they claim it's fine. I've been wanting to try it, any advice?
I have always been told and seen written to not attempt to dehydrate raw eggs at home as not being safe or effective. Commercial dehydrated eggs are either freeze dried, or spray dried in air into a powder. But if you combine eggs in a cooked casserole with potatoes or some other starch and seasoings with other ingredients, then I have had good success with doing that.
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I like instant mashed potatoes and dehydrated soup. Even for a backpacking trip I buy all of my food at a grocery store. I like the little foil packets of tuna, chicken and spam, smoked salmon. I bring raw vegetables and fruit if the trips are not too long. I really hate pouch food and have found little progress in the last 40 years.
I add rehydrated ground venison to the various Hamburger Helpers. Simple and a great meal in the bush.
There are many vegetarian/vegan recipies out there that are quite tasty (as they have to be to be edible). Turns out they can be made much better by the appropriate addition of some type of meat.