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Trumbull Canoe Trails Trip Schedule

Sep 14, 2022
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2024 Trip List
Typed up by John Paul Tolson
Thank you JP
TCT Paddlers and Friends,

Hello, I do did not post all the trip leaders phone numbers on here. If you are interested in any or all trips please go to the Facebook page or contact me.
724-301-4751 or dustinnoel@hotmail.com

Here is the club's official schedule for the 2024 season. Watch the Official Trips section of this forum for additional details such as meeting times and locations that will be posted by the trip leaders. Trip information will also be posted on the club’s Facebook page. Special thanks to Burt Martin of the Allegheny Canoe Club (ACC) who has graciously invited members of TCT on trips that he is leading for ACC. Many thanks to all the trip leaders!!!

Check the Unofficial Trips section for last minute side trips and pick-up trips throughout the year. We hope everyone is looking forward to another great year of paddling! See everyone on the water!

March 2, 2024
East Sandy Creek
Section: Van to Mays Mills Road
Leader: Burt Martin (cross post with Allegheny Canoe Club)

March 3, 2024
South Sandy Creek into Sandy Creek
Section: Slatertown Road to Pecan
Leader: Burt Martin (cross post with Allegheny Canoe Club)

March 24, 2024
Mahoning River – Ice Breaker Run
Section: Swift Park to Canoe City
Leader: Mike Danko

April 6, 2024
Tionesta Creek
Section: Lynch to Kellettville
Leader: Burt Martin (cross post with Allegheny Canoe Club)

April 7, 2024
Grand River
Section: Harpersfield to Hidden Valley Park
Leader: Mike Danko

April 14, 2024
Little Beaver Creek
Section: Sprucevale to Ohio River
Leader: Mike Danko

April 21, 2024
Middle Fork of Little Beaver Creek
Section: Elkton to Beaver Creek State Park
Leader: JP Tolson

April 27-28, 2024
Pine Creek (Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania) – Car Camping
Section: Ansonia to Blackwell on 4/27; another section TBD on 4/28
Leader: Burt Martin (cross post with Allegheny Canoe Club)

May 4-5, 2024
Minister and Tionesta Creeks – Primitive Camping
Section: Austin Hill Bridge/Sheffield Memorial Field on Minister Creek to Kellettville Bridge off Rt 666 on Tionesta Creek
Leader: Jim Bozdog

May 5, 2024
French Creek
Section: Utica to Franklin
Leader: Mike Danko

May 18, 2024
Red Bank Creek
Section: Summerville to Hawthorn
Leader: Dustin Noel

May 19, 2024
Mahoning River into Beaver River
Section: Covert’s Crossing to Wampum
Leader: Tom Smith

May 25-27, 2024
West Branch of Susquehanna River – Primitive Camping
Section: Frenchville Station to Keating
Leader: Burt Martin (cross post with Allegheny Canoe Club)

June 2, 2024
Mahoning River
Section: Struthers to Hillsville
Leader: Mike Danko

June 6-9, 2024
Stony-Kiski-Conemaugh Sojourn
Sections: TBD within sections of Stonycreek, Conemaugh, and Kiskiminetas rivers between Johnstown, PA and Apollo, PA (Registration fee required)
Leaders: Jeff and Judy Graham

June 8-9, 2024
Allegheny River – Primitive Camping
Section: Kennerdell Bridge to Emlenton
Leader: Jim Bozdog

June 15, 2024
Cuyahoga River
Section: Cascade Valley Metro Park (Oxbow area) to Bolanz Road
Leader: JP Tolson

June 23, 2024
Mahoning River – Riverfest
Section: B&O Station
Leaders: ALL! Large member turnout needed to give canoe and kayak rides to the public

July 11-14, 2024
French Creek at Cochranton – Club Picnic, Safety Training, Car Camping and Trips
Sections: 7/12, trip from Meadville to Shaws Landing; 7/13, safety training, picnic, and trip from Shaws Landing to Cochranton; 7/14, trip from Cochranton to Utica
Leaders: Mark and Jodi Vallecorsa and Dustin Noel

July 19, 2024 (rain date: July 20)
Lake Milton and Mahoning River – Moonlight Run
Section: Pointview Park to Berlin Dam and return
Leader: Mike Danko

July 28, 2024
Kokosing River
Section: Big Run Road to Millwood
Leader: Dave Manevich

August 11, 2024
Allegheny River – Foxburg Run – and jumping into the Clarion
Section: Emlenton to Parker
Leader: Tom Smith

August 16-18, 2024
Clarion River – Campground and Primitive Camping
Section: Ridgway to Halton
Leader: Ed Rigby

August 18, 2024
Mahoning River
Section: Lovers’ Lane to Packard Park
Leader: Mike Danko

September 8, 2024
Mahoning River
Section: B&O Station to Lowellville
Leader: Mike Danko

September 20-22, 2024
Allegheny River – Buckaloons Car Camper
Sections: TBD
Leaders: Rich and Patty Allen

September 29, 2024
Mentor Lagoons
Leader: Dave Manevich

October 13, 2024
Shenango River – Fall Colors Run I
Section: West Middlesex to Pulaski
Leader: Ed Rigby

October 20, 2024
Mahoning River – Fall Colors Run II
Section: Lowellville to Covert’s Crossing
Leader: Mike Danko

November 2-3, 2024
Allegheny River
Section: Fisherman’s Cove to Kennerdell
Leaders: Mark and Jodi Vallecorsa

November 10, 2024
Deer Creek Reservoir - Frostbite Run
Leader: Mike Danko
December 8, 2024
Mahoning River - Chilly Chili Run
Section: Canoe City
Leaders: ALL

January 12, 2025
Procrastinators’ Christmas Party
Leaders: ALL

Thank you John Paul Tolson for putting together the trip list

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