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Tied up in a neat bow

Sep 2, 2011
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Raymond, ME
Lots of good info.

I have issues with walking away from a black bear..why not just back away and keep an eye on its behavior?

Running away from a moose is suicide. Have you seen them run? I have met an angry one once and just backing away quietly and getting lots of big pines between me and it


At Common Ground Fair there was a bushcraft session. Section 14 #6 of ten "easy" firestarters isn't.

I would add bear and dog if I could to the animal tracks list. Sometimes people think they are looking at a bear print when they see a large canine print.

Quibbles though.

Packing line is always an issue for me and I never before knew about the Tamale method.
Feb 14, 2013
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Yeah - the fire-bow isn't at all easy, unless you have practiced it to perfection and learned enough about material selection for the spindle and hearth.

I also partially disagree with #4 of section 7. If you have a synthetic bag, you can go right ahead and wear your damp longies to bed. They will warm up and dry out just fine. In fact - I have often tossed other damp clothing items in the bag to have them dry by morning. Outer clothing - damp or dry - unless very light, just bunches up and restricts circulation.