Those Germans know how to portage!!



It was funny watching people walking faster than the portage machine. I'd feel like I was trapped on a kiddie ride at a theme park. In any case, it seems to get paddlers from point A to point B. I wonder if the contraption was originally intended for outboard motorboats? (There are/were a couple unpowered rail portages here in Ontario, I've yet to become acquainted with.) It takes all the fun out of a lock system. I guess the folks are out for some r & r, blissfully free of too much exercise. That's okay I guess. At minute 3:30, we see the real star of the show! Knackwurst on the grill! I'm not in the mood for a carry after a couple of those puppies. Slap on sauerkraut and mustard, add a good German beer, and the portage jolly trolley is starting to make sense! Ein prosit!


Ach du Scheiße!

Those whacky Germans. I like the sausages and beer for lunch break... mmmm mmm!
Dec 7, 2011
Maryland, USA
.......Someone here is doing the CT River right!
You won't find any such aids!.......

I'm an old fashioned kind of guy and I don't mind picking my canoe up and carrying it the old fashioned way!
There is a similar cradle on rails with an electric winch drive in Virginia on the Dismal Swamp feeder canal that goes around a small dam at lake Drummond for john boats and bass boats.