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Rice and Beans with cheese and shredz

Nov 30, 2017
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We just got back from five days on the Buffalo River in Arkansas and this is the one good recipe coming out of it, tastier than the freeze-dried.

1 cup minute rice
1/2 cup dehydrated beans
1/2 cup freeze-dried corn
1/4 cup King Arthurs Vermont cheddar cheese powder
1 packet Shredz pulled pork, black pepper seasoned

Basically, I rehydrated the minute rice, beans and f/d corn in their respective amounts of boiling water. Actually, I put the corn and rice in the same little pot and the beans in a separate pot being somewhat short of pots.I think it was about 1-1/2 cups of water heated on the Trangia quickly. The cheddar cheese powder went with its 2TBSP of cool water. Once the rice, beans and corn are "cooked" I put them all together and spooned this mixture into a dish. Topped with the cheddar cheese and then the pulled pork.

It was very good and very filling. You may want to adjust the amounts to your satisfaction. It could have used more corn. Except for fiddling with the extra pots, this was easy to put together. I had the rehydrating amounts written in sharpie on the ziplock bags containing each ingredient. One could bring salsa, but the peppered pork makes it hot enough for me.

Light weight. Small packaging. Very filling. High protein...regardless of the beans and rice, the pulled pork has 10 grams protein per serving.

By the way, the cheddar cheese powder is very good. So is the Shredz pulled pork. Both of these added flavor and zing to what otherwise would be just plain old rice and beans.

sounds good. I make my own version of "shreds".

How please? I've given thought to using one of our pressure cookers to cook lean beef, pork or venison to a pulling tenderness and dehydrate it. Given how hit or miss nature of rehydrating dehydrated chicken has been for us I'm just a bit leery. Any insight would be welcome.

Erica, I'm glad you got a chance to get out on the water. We've made a similar ready to heat meal using Mexican style seasonings and shelf stable sausages or dried homemade sausages. We find that good canned black beans that have been dehydrated rehydrate better than home cooked black beans.

And dehydrated refried bean flakes can be found pretty easily and they rehydrate in just a minute or two with hot water. In addition to the usual things one thinks of them for you can make a pretty good dip using them as a starting point and adding freeze dried corn, spices, cubed shelf stable cheese sticks etc and a little bit of refried bean flakes makes for a great sauce or soup thickener.

For any of the meals listed here, or a dip, a some low sodium chicken soup base powder gives a good shot of extra flavor and umami.

Best regards to all,

I use my pressure cooker first, then the technique used by the chinese to make "pork floss". Basically a normal shred, followed by drying in skillet, pounding it to shred it finer, repeat. a google search will show you the technique easier than I can describe it. Go as "fine" as you want.