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Paddle grip ends for carbon fiber ferrules?



I have some DIY cherry double blades with carbon fiber ferrules and I’d like to find paddle grips that would fit on the button clips/holes to convert them to single blades when desired.

The cheap Mohawk doubles have crude T-trip accessories (not my favorite design), and I had a Werner double that could be adapted with nicely shaped, tight fitting grips.

The carbon fiber ferrules in question a manufactured item, and I’ve seen them used on other DIY double blades.

They are zero and 90 degree off set, and about @ 14” long in full when connected. The caliper says the male end is 1 3/16” OD (and 1 1/16” ID) and the female end is 1 3/16” ID (and 1 ¼” OD).

Anyone know of button clip paddle grips that will fit?