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Ordering Minicel on-line?

Jul 6, 2021
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I have been using up leftover scraps and scribs of 1” and 2” minicel, and have only a couple slender, too small rectangles of either remaining. I need to order 1” and 2” minicel. Maybe even 3”, depending on the total to my door cost.

Ordering on-line what vendor offers the best bang-for-buck, including postage, on shippable-sized chunks of minicel. By “shippable” I meant not-oversized pieces, probably slabs boxed 12” x 12” or 12” x 24”.

Although, I’ve had half buns of minicel; sure was nice not to run out for years, but that would have to be local pick-up only.
Mike, I have used these folks for various types, shapes, and density of foams, mainly utilized for acoustical room treatments for my audio system.

They also offer Cross Linked Polyethylene, in density weights of 2, 3, 4, and 6 lb, with thickness choices of 1/4" up to 4", and choices of sheet sizes. Entering "minicell" in their search window brings you to cross linked polyethylene.

They also offer Minicel T200, T300, T380, and T600 up to 3", in both white and charcoal.

Hopefully they will have what you are looking for.


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That's who I use is Foam Factory. Usually order 1/3 sheets of 4" 3lb charcoal of the Cross linked Polyethylene. Comes covered in plastic with cardboard wrapped around that shipped to the house. Like mentioned above free shipping on $75 or more.
wondering what density foam people prefer for kneeling pads? I like whatever is in my MR Indy - it's 1/2" thick, but have no idea what density it is.
wondering what density foam people prefer for kneeling pads?

I don't like minicell at all for flat kneeling pads in canoes (it's okay if carved into cups). It's too incompressible and slippery when wet. Neoprene (half inch) is less slippery, more cushioned and more "springy". I have neoprene pads in my SRT raised up the sides for heeling the canoe with knees in the chine.

SRT on Raquette Falls portage.JPG

Inexpensive Ensolite sleeping pad material, which I've used on many canoes, is also more cushioned than minicell but is not as springy as neoprene. On my Bell Wildfire, I removed the original owner's puny knee pads and glued in a large piece of 3/8" Ensolite sleeping pad foam, gunwale-to-gunwale, so I can crawl around in front of the seat to more effectively heel, rail and pitch the canoe for turning maneuvers.

Wildfire with ensolite.JPG
For my portable (not glued down) kneeling pads I use the "anti-fatigue" mats sold in woodworking shops. It is well padded, has a tough textured and comfortable top to kneel on and usually in 2'x4' or 2'x5' sizes that can be cut down to desired dimensions.

For my dedicated whitewater boats with thigh straps, I usually use neoprene for under my knees and minicell for side blocks and ankle blocks. I usually pick it up at local paddling shops.
wound up ordering some 1/2" minicel and some 1/2" neoprene - Glen and SK were both right, the neoprene feels way better - so the neoprene will become my kneeling pads, set up similarly to Glen's SRT picture, and I'll use the minicel atop the rails of the rack i built for my truck.
When I expect to kneel frequently I use neoprene wrestling knee pads, which has some extra cushioning on the knee. Eliminates trying to figure out where to attach a pad to the hull. Also gives me some protection from falls on wet rocks. The wrestling knee pads were standard equipment for me in whitewater
Kneepads can be handy for other things too. I have two good friends up in Ak. that have both wrestled bears. One a grizzly near Paxon Ak., the other a black bear in Minnesota. I have used them in the past for kneeling in front of the campfire while cooking, especially in winter.

I also knew a guy that boxed with a grizzly bear, Gene Moe. Gene ended up in the hospital, and that bears hide ended up on the floor of Genes home where he enjoyed stepping on it every day. He killed it with the knife he was using to gut his deer. I just saw in my union newsletter that Gene recently passed away.
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