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NY ADK Raquette River 3/29/24-3/31/24

Oct 6, 2014
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Long Island NY
The Indian and I both had off a few days from school for the holiday and we donned the drysuits on and found open water. We usually do a yearly winter campout or an April/May paddle so with the warm weather and ice out in may sections we planned both! Parked at Axton Landing and paddled downriver a short distance to a beautiful site over looking the river (#14). Both canoes were packed heavy with canvas tent, wood burning stove, cots, biobricks, oven, food, story book and the other usual "necessary fun items". Day temps were upper 30's low 40's but windy. Night temps mid 20's and windy. Early sleep Friday night after starting our drive around 1:00 am. Stars were out big time Saturday night. We paddled up to site 17 on Saturday and checked out the different sites. Tried out Boatman53's stick stove and put a coleman oven on top to heat up, Shepard's pie, Eggplant Parm, plus some egg Quiche all thanks to my wife. We saw a bald eagle that must have been watching us wondering what we were doing. Indian heard the coyote's but of course I missed that (yep did talk about the hearing aid remarks from other thread, I'm looking into them soon) and I saw what might have been a small beaver, our otter, or something else swimming. My feet did get cold the first night thus my avatar name continues to be "coldfeet". Indian and I have been hiking/paddling for the past 15 years and every time has been a great memory and I thank him for all of those memories. We hope to keep it going for the next 15 and more years. Here are a few pics. Plus I contacted the author Elisha Cooper after reading his wonderful short story that I found in my class library. Neat story that many of us could understand here in the NY Hudson River area and further north. The illustration are beautiful. I will read it to my class and show them some of my tripping pics. They really are intrigued when I show them the "thundertbox, privy" pics.
Bes to all.


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The Indian's eggs were both colorful and yummy. Little dusting of snow Saturday night.


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So nice that you could get away for a solitude trip with a friend, and with stories and pictures for your students. Did you go upstream to Raquette Falls? What are the two canoes you were in?
Glenn, we went downstream guessing a bit over a mile to site #14. The falls is about 6 miles upstream I think from the put in.
Indian using his Wenonah Argosy and I the Hemlock Peregrine. Carried heavy, snowtrekker app 27 lbs, kno co stove guessing 16lbs, cot 20lbs, coleman oven and Boatman53 stick stove probably another 6lbs. plus the food! yummy.
I got in touch with the author and we happen to have a career day in may, hope he could join and share his story.
A bit on the sad side that I'm relocating to Denver in the Autumn and need to coordinate trips with my buddy the Indian. He did mention the Arkansas river... to be continued. ...
Yes Glenn, very confusing life here. Wife loves NY area plus her doctors. I am tired of driving 11/2 hours to travel only 25 miles with the “zoomers” cutting me off. But our son wants to relocate to Brooklyn from London in a few years so wife wants back then. Plus my 95 yo mom is busting my chops about relocating. Sorry for sharing so much personal info. Thought life would get easier. Perfect plan would be to stay in NY from August- October in Hudson Valley. Hope to catch up with you one day.
Nice trip report. I am waiting for the ice to go out and stay out in my favorite area in the UP so I can get out on my first trip of the year.
Jdeerfoot, my coteacher has family up in Iron Mountain. I went with him a few years back to visit the area, lovely. He took me to buy chocolate from the Monks somewhere. Waiting line was 15 min long. I hope to get back there and go to Isle Royal. Be well.
Jdeerfoot, my coteacher has family up in Iron Mountain. I went with him a few years back to visit the area, lovely. He took me to buy chocolate from the Monks somewhere. Waiting line was 15 min long. I hope to get back there and go to Isle Royal. Be well.
I first went to the UP in 1970 and found it to be everything SE Wisconsin is not. Almost no people and many, many trees. I always loved the solitude you can find there - the western UP is mostly National Forest so plenty of places to disappear into.

I have also been to Isle Royale NP several times, one of the least visited parks in the system.
Having just returned from a short trip to the Raquette River for the eclipse, I owe a great deal of thanks to @coldfeet for this trip report. Thank you, sir! I had never been to the Adirondacks before. In fact, I was set to head for Maine, but the ice isn't yet out yet within the path of the totality and they've been buried in spring snow. Now, that I've been to the Adirondacks (and done even more research about its myriad paddling opportunities) I'm smitten. Thank you!

Here's a postcard from Camp 14:


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