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Now I’m in Deep

Face it, it's gonna cost ya. When I asked my wife to pit crew for my Yukon River races, she found what quickly became her favorite jewelry store in Dawson City. I was forced to reluctantly agree to a gold nugget to add to a necklace for each 500 miles of pit crew service provided. How much do you think returns of 4,000 miles of Yukon paddling have cost me?
She should be proud to have a husband with such fine taste. Have fun, sweet boat.
Spouse, schmouse.

What's important is how much does it weigh? That's been a big concern of yours.

A few months ago there were two guys loading up their SOT in the parking lot. The launch is probably 40 yards. I shouldered my Yellowstone and one says, "you need a cart like this!"

My first three thoughts were:
"Nah, I'll be fine, this thing is 28 lb" - dismissed as too arrogant, and perhaps inviting a break-in.
"No, I often carry heavier canoes this fair" - dismissed is not only arrogant but insulting their fitness.
"I have a cart like that, I only use it for really long carries with my heavier canoes". - dismissed us insulting, arrogant, and communicating I'm weirdo with a fleet of canoes.

I settled for, " yeah, those carts are nice, but I think I managed today guys, have a good afternoon"