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new satelite communicator

Feb 11, 2021
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Clayton NY
This could change things, an Iphone with satelite communication.

Also discovered SatPaq, another satelite communicator. Add to the list of Spot, Garmin, Zoleo, Bivy Stick, and Somewhere Global. Oh my.
That prediction was made in September 2021, the iphone 13 came out last month and does not seem to have this feature, the "rumoured" appearance never happened as far as I can tell.

While I have no doubt that a combo cell/satellite phone is coming in the not too distant future. For paddling, I'm not sure that thing would fit in my PFD pocket and even if it did the concept of a $1000+ device going for an extended swim worries me "water resistant" or not (ip68).

In the speculation it was thought to work as a one-way device with a single preset message, this is the reason I gave up on SPOT for a Delorme InReach. Having been in an actual emergency situation the lack of two-way communication is a big problem.
Recep, I am wondering about your rescue. You travel on much more remote and longer trips than I. I'm sure it is better to be able to communicate more completely, but what would happen if you could only transmit HELP COME GET ME? Assuming someone responds and not everyone is off doing something else...you would have to trust that someone would be headed to your location and would arrive at some point in time.

Some 30 years ago, before these things were available, a friend told me about his adventure. He was somewhere in the arctic with 3 other people in two canoes on a six week trip. Two weeks into the trip, one canoe was put out of commission. The three others left him enough food for 30 days and paddled on. (He volunteered for this position.)

He spent 30 days hanging out in literally the middle of nowhere, without any way to get out, trusting that someone would come get him. I would have found that somewhat trying.
Situation #1 (emergency button only / Tandem trip)

Resulted in a Hercules aircraft being sent from 500 miles away, it circled above and dropped a radio where I was able to explain the situation which while somewhat serious was definitely not critical. They informed me that a helicopter was being scrambled from 200 miles away. I was able to cancel the emergency heli and request a pick-up by boat. Due to days of bad weather the boat never came, after 5 days a more local heli was able to come and pick us up but we had to leave most our gear and boats behind (months later retrieved by freighter canoe). The whole thing was overkill to the max and VERY costly for taxpayers for what was mostly due to paddler stupidity (I owned a Sat phone at the time, didn't think it would be needed and didn't want to pay the ridiculous cost to get it activated).

Situation #2 (two way communication / solo trip)

A medical situation came up, potentially serious but not immediately life threatening, after a few days of sitting around I realized it was not critical and resumed my trip. After completing the two long portages of the trip but with still another 7 - 10 days to the finish, more big rapids/portages ahead and the late season weather closing in I decided to bail given I could foresee the potential for even greater ugliness. Since I could communicate I was able to arrange a very expensive heli flight out (on my tab) without involving rescue services, had to leave my boat behind but got all my gear out this time.

Last September I returned with a partner to tandem paddle down to my boat and then split up and finish as solos. Boat was where I left it, the trip was completed and all was good.

FYI - After Situation #2 I had to give up some body parts but as you can see they were not parts that would prevent me from continuing to go tripping.
A short time back there was a discussion about communication devices. Many devices were mentioned along with the inReach.

I did some research online of course, but a big factor for my decision were recpeds comments on another thread, maybe on MYCCR. I figured anyone doing the trips he was doing had a firm grasp on what as needed.

My inReach is sitting right next to me - in the box - waiting for me to devour the instructions this weekend.
You live an interesting life, recep. Thank you.