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Mullica River x 2 New Jersey

Oct 6, 2014
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Long Island NY
Mullica River is about an hour southeast of Philadelphia PA and app 100 miles from NYC.
I had the week off from school and ended up taking two trips there.
Had a friend in need of escaping the busy life and wanting nature. It would be his first camping trip in 40 years and first canoe trip. Where we put in it’s about a 6 mile paddle to reserved campsites then 5 mile paddle to the take out. The first 2 miles it meanders with plenty of brush hanging over the water. The Old Town camper is very flat so I ended up in the brush a lot doing my best to keep him out of it. Water was high and it was tough to keep bending back and forward going under some bent trees.
I had him wear my dry pants with built in booties and I decided in wearing a full dry suit that I haven’t used in app 3 years. Good idea because we didn’t bend enough to go under a thick tree trunk and splash! That area was low and I was able to help him to the brush and get on land. He stayed pretty dry. Took about 20 min to empty the gear, turn boat over and get back on our way. Once at the site we enjoyed lots of holiday food. He was in love with the Spring Peepers calling out and the beauty of the river.

We went back home on Wednesday with lots of video and good memories. I brought a ton of gear for him to be comfortable. Once home I began for the same trip on Friday with other friends.

Two days later the river so so different. Water level down about 4”. Easy to go under the branches but we hit a few submerged logs that days earlier we floated over.
We saw tons of turtles and a brownish orange beaver. Lots of yellow finches I’m guessing.
We were going to stay 2 nights and enjoy Saturday and hike around. The frogs were really noisy plus a clapping sound, maybe a bird or different frog. Boy Scout troops hiked in about 4 miles plus other hikers. One group of paddlers also showed up. We bought wood at a local store and transported it in. Lots of food and I tried more baking with reflector oven and butch over. Chocolate chip bannock was great! Pineapple upside down cake had to much heat on the bottom in Dutch oven and not so great.
During pack up my friend heard a plopping sound in his tent by his boot and found a nice size spider. Picture taken then he flicked it out of his tent. Beautiful cedar trees line the river in many areas. Another wonderful Canoetripping memory with close friends. Will try it again in the Autumn if possible.


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It sounds like a busy week of packing, canoeing, repacking more canoeing followed by unpacking. It's great that you have a place relatively close for an overnighter. I assume there is a shuttle involved.
WW, glad to have brought back good memories.
al - 140 miles one way.....uber the first time, $25 to pick me up at takeout to my car at put in.
300 miles round trip x 2 = 600 but priceless!
Glad you were able to get two good trips into one of my top 10 places to paddle, the Jersey Pine Barrens. My favorite river there from among the four major ones—the Mullica, Batsto, Wading and Oswego—is the Oswego, but it doesn't have a mid-run overnight campground. It's just a day trip. But there is a secret put-in upstream of Oswego Lake if you look carefully at maps.
Pine Barrens canoeing is like no other. the twists and turns puts the Oswegatchie to shame. You would never think it was NJ! Did you visit Red Barn in Hammonton for pie?.. to die for.
Glenn, I paddled the Batso a few years back and really liked that also. But some storm created a lot of blowdown and it was to difficult to paddle. Not sure if it’s been cleaned up.

YC, didn’t know but now I need to look when we go back in the autumn.

Robin, you would be proud of me, washed that OT on my voyage trip and only once again on this past trip. Boy it holds a lot of gear. Has quit a few Mullica scrapes, some Great Swap scrapes near Glenn and I think some Bronx River trips! I’d like to do that again but get my Grumman back from my niece for that paddle.

Yes, you would never believe it was NJ.
Best to all