MSR Dragonfly

Jul 31, 2011
North Iowa
This last year I decided I would upgrade MSR Pocket Rocket stove with an addition of a MSR Dragonfly. This year’s trip was more about fishing vs. distance so the weight would not be an issue.

I waited for the 20% off at REI last spring and along with my dividend check made the cost not that bad. Not knowing for sure how much fuel I would use I ordered a 30 oz. bottles from Red Rock Wilderness Store (they have the best price I have ever seen on the MSR fuel bottles) and also received another form the gentleman that I purchased my SR Q 18.5 from. So with the 60 oz. of fuel, I also brought the Pocket Rocket along so that we would have two stoves for cooking.

My current cooking setup included a GSI Dualist system, and GSI 10” Hard Anodized Aluminum Dutch Oven, and I also have a large 10 qt. aluminum pot that we normally keep on the fire that we heat up and do dishes in. Everything fits nicely inside.

I also decided to make some pot cozies out of bubble wrap duct insulation trying to stretch my fuel further.
Types of meals would range from oatmeal, egg beaters, and egg store eggs for breakfast, to Hamburger Helper, and homemade dehydrated type meals. Lunches for us are typically non cook meals so that we can be either traveling or fishing, but if wind bound we cook.

Well just like you will hear from others the Dragonfly is a little on the noisy side, but boy can you cook with it. It is so easy to control the flame and is very conservative on the fuel. I did cook several meals with the Dutch oven the traditional way, but we did use the Dragonfly for over 20 meals and with the use of the cozies we still had fuel left in the first 30 oz. bottle after 10 days. As a matter of trying to use one bottle of fuel up, so on day 7 I started boiling water nightly in the large 10 qt. pot for doing dishes just to see if it would run out.

We did use one small can of fuel on the Pocket Rocket, but for trips of two or more the Dragonfly will be my stove of choice. Can do anything from rapid rolling boil, pop popcorn, to simmer whatever you want. I’m sure it will work great in the ice shack this winter also. Very happy with this stove.
Feb 26, 2013
Long island, ny
I've heard a lot of good things about the Dragonfly. I already have the Pocket Rocket too. I also have a Coleman Peak one white gas stove, MSR Simmerlite, Coleman suitcase stove(whitre gas w/2 burners and the big red gas tank) and half a dozen redbull can alky stoves. I have always wanted to pick up a dragonfly but man would I hear it from hosehold 6. "ANOTHER STOVE???" Oh well, my simmerlite has never let me down so I can't really justify the purchase anyway I guess. Aaaahh ... the things I have to tell myself ! :);)