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Lows Lake deer camp 2017

I'm thinking Riverstrider has it right. He gets a room in Long Lake and starts fresh in the am, I should do that too.

Not paddling the day you drive makes sense. I've slept in my van in a roadside clearing on Horseshoe Lake, which is close by. At this time of year, the campsites there should be unoccupied too.
Yep me too. I used to drive 6 hrs and then paddle 4-5 more to a campsite. Almost killed me this spring when I ran into unexpected difficulties too. From now on I will go where there is are sure campsites easy and close to the launch or as Glen says-sleep in the car. "A man has to make adjustments"
Me too, 4 hour drive with 5 hours to get to campsite and a wife that doesn't like early starts. I took a separate two man nylon tent so I didn't have to repack everything, only sleeping bags and pads and camped near the put in.
excellent trip and report, sometimes just getting there and back is all you need.
Hey Robin, good to see you yesterday. I have a solution, if you cook some extra sausages I will drive for you and help carry some of your gear! keep on tripping!
I took a separate two man nylon tent so I didn't have to repack everything, only sleeping bags and pads and camped near the put in.

I did that this year on my solo to Algonquin. I had a complete setup for the night, extra tent, sleeping bag, pad, cookware, even a coffeepot for the morning. I didn't have to get into my kit that I packed for the rest of the week.

When we head out to the Allagash we tend to overdue the first couple of days.

4:00AM Leave the house
3:00PM'ish Put in @ Indian River
7-8:00 set up camp up on the Pump Handle, followed by an early morning paddle to get to Churchill Dam. After we get across Umsaskus we let off on the gas.
Me too, 6 hours to the BWCA. Used to always get up early and paddle in the same day. Now I either hit up a cheap motel or sleep in the truck or at the put in site, etc. My kids are all convinced that they will be finding me passed away in my canoe somewhere someday which is fine with me.
Even longer ago I used to get up a midnight, drive 6hrs to launch at dawn and paddle/carry all day. Worked great then, only a memory now!
On my trip this Fall I struggled between feeling like I needed to prove something and enjoying my vacation. It feels strange to have to make adjustments but I guess that's part of life too. With me it has been all or none in the past. I'm finding out there is some pleasant middle ground. Glad you got out Robin.
In hindsight after a hard trip, my problem was that I was stuck on a plan/destination/schedule and wasn't open to changes. The more tired and the harder things got, I I just bare down and keep on truckin. There is a place for that, but not usually. I'm trying to learn from my mistakes.
Thanks Robin! I am glad you were able to make it up there. I have also drove 6hrs and camped at the put in up there. Or paddled to the first site on that rock face and camped. I have also worked a midnight tour, drove up to Lows from NYC then paddled up to grass pond all in one shot. That was painful when I was in my 20s. Nevermind 40... your in your 40s right?

Anyways, keep planning and keep going. An old timer in my military days told me that the crusty old Sgt Majors don't retire. They say when you stop, so does your heart, if you know what I'm saying.

Nice setup! When Im working too many hours trip reports like yours get me through the day!! I haven't been out since I was up near Geraldton.
Everyone makes a different choice in how much to take and how hard a paddle to do. The key for me is to be happy with that choice and be flexible about it as I age
That was the fastest seven and a half minutes ever...do it again. One question though...what is this bacon and eggs stuff??? Where are the signature pancakes?
That canoe looked a little low in the water. Time for a y stern and a motor...or better yet, a sail.
Good job getting out Robin.

I know, I know,,,,I bought some thick slab bacon, oh that was good, plus my 10 RI Reds would pissed at me if I didn't take a dozen of their finest efforts.

I'd love to get a y stern or a a square back with a kicker but I would probably get myself in trouble on some big lake. Better stick with a regular canoe.