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Jan 7, 2016
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I probably wouldn't use the LIKE button, as I like pretty much everything on the forum, even stuff that I'm not very interested in. I just tried the LIKE button and nothing happened, much like a lot of things I try on computers. Still to me it seems like magic what people can do on them, I have a hard time posting and posting a picture or putting a picture on the Avatar is just as baffling as brain surgery.
Oct 29, 2016
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Newcastle Upon Tyne England
My wife posted two pictures on her facebook page one day: one of me and one of the dog. The dog got twice as many likes as I did!! It still smarts to think about it!!
2nd place Dave

back in my early 30's i worked as a pro fundraiser door to door for famous charities, we would knock on every door in every estate for any charity that paid us and a 3 month contract would get every single door knocked on in a 50 mile circle (i just worked there running a small team of fundraisers), so anyway each charity would come in and train us so we could answer any question about them we might get when knocking on doors, the goal being to get people to sign up for a monthly ongoing donation to the charity of the time, aiming for a minimum of a 2 bucks per month donation per sign up to be a 'qualifying sign up" for us on the books, once each fundraiser got 8 of these qualifying sign ups per week we would start getting bonus ontop of our flat rate wages as incentive to push for every extra sign up, for 3 months we knocked on doors for Save the Children and we raised a lot of money and made a lot of bonus money, then we done the PDSA for 3 months and every fundraiser was getting around 5 - 10 qualifying sign ups per day (8 in a week got you earning bonus for every extra sign up), i took it to mean people like animals even more than children, even children in need gets top trumped by a sad eyed neglected looking puppy or a mangey looking kitten with matted fur