If my canoes could speak.

Jan 31, 2013
Middle of the Florida paddling paradise
What would it say. Every time I see the scratches on the bottom they help me remember wear we were when it happened. Yes my canoes get scratches. Some times I think if I ever get a new canoe again I will keep a photo log. Take a picture of the bottom after every trip. Last sunday the Mohawk picked up marks from the sand of Rock Springs run. That's were my wife saw some sups and deiced to show off. She stood up and paddled a Canoe. Need to get her a pole! The Explorer has this nice long scratch/rub mark from a hidden branch on this nice trip on Juniper Springs Run. Too many people but great scenery.

So what would your canoe say? How dose it speak?
Feb 29, 2012
Schenectady, NY
I always say, "Every scar tells a story"...it's very true, whether on a person or canoe or Jeep fender.

I was carrying my now dearly departed17 ft tandem along Harrington Brook near Lake Lila when I lost track of the foot bed...there was no actual path or trail. I casually tossed my boat overhead and to the side, knowing it would land on the waist high undergrowth.

About that time, my canoe yelled "You fool!! There's a spruce stump under me"...apparently I am not fluent in canoe.
My boat came to rest, partially impaled on a 2" spruce...oh well, at least it was above the waterline.

Other times my boats have cried out, or more of a whimpering, actually, or even a sigh of pained acceptance, knowing they would once again be bouncing along over deadfalls and boulders, collecting their scars and stories. Such is their life, not too different from mine.