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How is your winter so far?

Alan Gage

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Jun 12, 2014
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NW Iowa
It's been virtually non-existent here. Early cold and snow at Halloween had the lakes freeze but a nice November opened them up again. A couple weeks of seasonable weather at the beginning of December made them hard again but now the last couple weeks have been very warm and most of the lakes are open again. It's bonkers but I'm certainly not complaining.

Supposed to be around 50 tomorrow (but rainy and windy) with continued wet and warmish over Christmas until the end of the week when it looks more like proper December temps.

How about you?

Over 75 inches of Snow at this point and snowing right now. Dug out a path up to the greenhouse and lit the Toyo so the roof would slide. 3 hours later it did.
Cant complain, i’ve got a good plow truck and haven’t run outa places to shove it yet!


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What's winter???? It's projected to be 5c/ 41F today in the great (not so) white north today, and 8/46 by tuesday....
I mowed my lawn last week, and intend to mow it again and put winterizer on it this week. On the plus side, my daughter who drove exactly 2 days in NY before moving to Florida, is now back in NY, so I am awaiting the white knuckle moments to come, so whatever delay in snow fall is ok with me for now.
The lake I’m on locked up with ice last evening, but will be wide open in a couple days. High 40s F for a few days straight… 🙄
Not much snow to speak of.

Pretty mild here in central North Carolina. Nothing has froze for more than a few hours. I paddled comfortably a few weeks ago when the rivers came up.

I forded the Eno River last week, wearing running shoes. I was surprised it wasn't colder.

The big concern is the lack of rain so far.
Terrible, 10 mils of rain today, 5 degrees C. No snow left to speak of. Normally I am winter camping/fishing on the ice by now, bombing around town on my snowmobile. I wouldn't even walk on the ice right now. It's the weirdest December I can remember, more like a Nova Scotian Christmas than a Northern Ontario Christmas. I guess all that Climate Change taxes I'm paying to the Feds ain't working!
Only flurries on Long Island so far, but that's not unusual. December was cool, I think October was warm, there's no telling what's ahead. I hope to get out paddling in the next few days, maybe today.
It’s been a very mild winter here in east-central Saskatchewan. Got the skidoo out about a month ago, but haven’t used it yet. Not really enough snow. Haven’t had to have our lane plowed yet, which saves money. I think we’ve had only one night below -20 C (-4 F). Current temperature at 9:00 a.m. Christmas Eve morning is -11 C (+12 F). Calm, and very pleasant walking the dog this morning. Yesterday we enjoyed a fantastic display of Hoar Frost (Image captured out the back of our house.)



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Nothing to write home about here in mid-coast Maine, little to no snow but a coastal storm left lots of downed trees and flooding. Mid 40’s this coming week. No ice fishing to speak of.
Nothing to write home about here in mid-coast Maine, little to no snow but a coastal storm left lots of downed trees and flooding. Mid 40’s this coming week. No ice fishing to speak of.
That storm sent a lot of water down the Connecticut River. It even topped the July storm flood level. My friends in Vermont also had flooding instead of snow. I think we had our first below freezing night earlier this week.
Over 75 inches of Snow at this point and snowing right now.

What kind of temps do you get with that? Does snow in November last until April or do you get some thawing in between the big snows?

Wonderful so far with just occasional light rain. My ideal winter day was the recent afternoon I spent at a friends house located on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. It was 52 degrees with widely scattered clouds and a light breeze which unfortunately is far from the usual for this late in the year.
Still waiting on winter here. Last year this time I had 1.5 feet of snow in the yard, and temps for 12/22 hit -45 F. This year we finally had 4" of snow on the ground, but still with temps in the 40s, but cooling off. No snow forecast. Skiing is out, but the ice climbing is in.
@Alan Gage , temps have been running single digit to low 30’s And the piles will still be there, but larger into Late April! Every now and then we’ll have some thawing which leads to black ice road conditions so we prefer plane ole snow.
Winter hiccupped last month with a brief appearance of snow and a biting breeze. Then it all went away replaced by mild. Mild everything.
We're still wearing raincoats and carrying umbrellas. My felt lined boots are still in storage with my shoulder season rubber boots seeing extra mileage. It's nice not to have to defrost the windshield, shovel the walk, and salt the stairs just yet. But I do love the full force of each of the four seasons. Can't wait (foolishly?) for the first winter storm.
Merry Christmas.
I'm taking the Harley to my son's today for supper if that tells you anything. (52 F is a bit chilly but I can't resist one more dose of wind therapy)
Back in the 70's we put the newspaper in our jackets when it got cold out. Looking at the thickness of newspapers today it would probably increase the chance of hypothermia. That cell phone doesn't provide much insulation.
Nevada has been warmer than average. We have had some rain but no snow in the Valley, only the Mountains. First yimr it has happened since 2011. Last year was the biggest water year in recent memory. The rivers are running and the reservoirs are pretty full.