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How do you do dew?

Jul 25, 2012
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I always enjoy early morning starts; everything is so soft and still and of course on a more pragmatic note, most times you don't have to contend with the wind. The price for all this seems to be packing a dew wet tent fly and tarp. I try to shake off the bulk of the wet but still I wind up packing damp fabric. Not the worst thing that has ever happened but still and all annoying. I'd like to ask has anyone discovered some neat idea to lessen the amount of water you wind up packing?
Best Wishes, Rob
I shake as much off as possible then pack it wet. It adds a few ounces. The tent dries much better late in the afternoon when it is pitched. It would take most of the morning.

The good side about now is next week there probably will be ice. That is easier to shake off if you get up early.

No neat idea here.
I carry a Sham-Wow cloth or two with me and do a quick wipe down before I take the tarp and tent down. It doesn't remove all the moisture, but it does make it a little easier to pack and it speeds the drying time when I set it up.

It only adds about two or three minutes to the packing time. The Sham-Wow dries in about the same time as the tent fly in the afternoon sun and wind.
Thanks everybody, YC good luck with the polar bear paddle! Hogan, I'd forgotten about those sham-wow wiper things. Despite the some what strange young man they had advertising them on the television, they actually work? Great! I'll see if I can find some at the hardware.

As I ponder the great mysteries of life, I'm often struck at what the strange kinds of personalities that are chosen to represent some products; there was the funny/strange young man who hopped about encouraging you to purchase the sham-wow. Then there was Billy HaysMayse (?) who with a very aggressive fore finger demanded that you buy oxy-clean. And then Allstate went from that enormously comforting and trustable colored man to "mayhem" with band-aids all over him who slinks and slimes about causing problems. What ever can the advertising directors be thinking?

Ah well, not my problem.... mine's just a little water on the tarp. And thanks to Hogan I'll soon be able to put the twitch on that.
No longer wet behind the tarp, Rob
If the tent fly is covered in dew I just shake it, roll it up and stuff it, trying not to get any on me as I break it down. Sometimes if I can find a bush that has some morning sun I will drape the fly over it to try and get it a little dry while I eat breakfast....cause the sun is always up when I break camp, no early bird here.

I have also unstuffed the tent and fly at my noon break, esp. if I think it might be stormy later and let it dry in the wind/sun.

Nothing like a sun warmed rock to lay out on at noon for a nap while the tent dries in the breeze.

Makes for peace of mind, a dry tent floor/fly for later in the day.