hello from Manitoba

Jul 25, 2012
Well, Hi and Welcome Runner! Glad you found the site, it's funny how many of us almost fell into knowing about Canoetripping by accident. Or maybe that's the way with computers, a person is just fooling around looking at this and that and up pops the site!
We're a pretty well behaved bunch here so don't be worried about being jumped on if you want to post something. Glad to have you!

Best Wishes, Rob
Aug 10, 2014
actually have my son to thank. he mentioned I should google to see if there was a forum for canoeing. honestly I think he was trying to make an escape from me talking about it. never really stopped getting out on a canoe but past few yrs the trips have been scarce with my family being so young. the trips have been ramping up again last couple yrs as the kids get to an age that the mrs's would allow me to take them along
Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
Welcome, that's how it was with me, little one came, no trips....then they aged and we all went, then they where old enough for Mom to stay home, now I'm waiting for the grandchildren to age a little bit more for the first 3 generation trip.