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Happy New Year Everyone

Jul 31, 2011
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Dodgeville, Wi
I wanted to wish everyone on this board a happy and safe new year. My wife and I were going to go out for dinner ... but my son needed me to watch his dog . I posted about that in another thread.

Well, now my daughter needed me to watch her dog today and tomorrow. So ... nothing like taking the granddogs out for a new years eve woods romp. We were blessed with a dusting of snow last night and the woods look great. So after 4 miles of hiking ... it is true a tired dog is a good dog. Also a tired Grandpa ... depends heavily on Grandma!

Hope your new years eve is safe and wonderful. Have a terrific 2024.

Happy new year to all. I wish every one a healthy and happy year ahead.
yes, a healthy and happy new year to all of you from me too.

and may there always be a hand's breadth of water under the boat!