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G/5 Five Minute Epoxy



A few years ago a friend came by the shop to work on boats and brought some West System G/5 epoxy. He had picked it up thinking it was G/flex. It isn’t, but it has been damned handy. So handy that it is time to buy another little 8 ounce kit.

“G/5 is a fast curing two-part epoxy adhesive for repairs and general bonding. Its viscosity is ideal for penetrating porous surfaces yet viscous enough to bridge gapes when gluing objects together. It adheres to wood, ceramic, metal, leather, plaster, stone, fiberglass, cork and paper”
May be used in spot applications to hold parts in position while standard epoxy bonds cure. Not recommended for long-term bonds subject to high loads or moisture”

I typically use it in tiny batches, for household repairs, to adhere things in place to be screwed or pegged together and to hold boatwork parts in place that I will cover with regular epoxy and cloth.

That later guise is especially time-saving. Where I would affix something in place boatwise with regular epoxy and then have to walk away overnight I can now return a few minutes later and immediately get back to work.

That boat work time savings alone is reason enough that I’ll order more, but I have used half of it on small household repairs.