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Finds, Relics, and Evidence from The Past

The shoreline of the Hayes River at York Factory is full of artifacts. The rapidly eroding bank has claimed many of the buildings and the HBC rebuilt its main building 3 times at this spot. Every time the tide goes out new stuff washes up, grape shot, nails, pipes, coins are everywhere. Parks Canada can’t be bothered to monitor it and apparently is done cataloging all of the artifacts at the site. It’s an artifact hunters dream walking its shoreline. Wish my kids were there for that one, they’d have had a blast.
After seeing everyone's contributions, I realized I do have some pics...

Here's some remnant of mechanized dunnowhat, left behind near whats left of the human bolstered dam on Clockmill Pond (ADK's). If anyone is curious, check it out on satellite images, it's got a very interesting shoreline.
For scale, the four sprig? post is about 8" in diameter.


Here's what's left of some sort of runabout, slowly dissolving in Jabe Pond.



Here's a little boiler, remnants of a graphite mining operation at Rock Pond (near Putnam, ADK's)

To the left in this picture you can see remnants of some red painted stick figures. There was even a few drops of the paint on the rocks on the floor which made it look so fresh, like it was recently made. These are dated to 3000 years old. To the right you can hint the carved silhouette of a moose and a bear. These are much bigger. About 6 feet across dated to be 9000 years old. This is above the arctic so if the datings are correct those carvings were put there just after the last ice age. There are reports of rock carvings resembling a mammuth and a bear, dated to 50-40.000 years old (that means before the last ice age!) but I haven't been able to find them yet.
It's a strange and fascinating sensation to stand before these depictions.SKH0101.jpgSKH0102.jpg
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