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Customer Service at it's Best

Nov 14, 2018
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Heart of the Shawnee Nation
I know this is a paddling site but some of you snowshoe in the off season. I just had the absolute best customer service experience with Iverson Outdoors in Michigan. I have a 20 year old pair of their shoes, as well as another pair I bought last spring. The newer pair had a defect that caused them to wear out binding straps and affected my gait. I sent pictures of the problem area to Jim at Iverson's. I mentioned that one of my older shoes had a similar looping rawhide wrap that was annoying at times, but not nearly as bad as the new pair.

He sent me 2 new pairs of snowshoes!

I really didn't expect that. I thought I would send the new pair to them for alteration. What a pleasant surprise. He said I could send the replaced shoes back when I got a chance, no hurry.

Seldom to I feel as good about a customer service experience as this. In this age of large corporations and call centers it does my old bones good to feel loyalty to a brand that knows how to keep customers.
Apr 27, 2020
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Hi Black_Fly,

I also have some Iversons from waaayy back in the day. I used to live in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and drove past the place for years.

I highly recommend the rubber bindings that are available for snowshoes. Switched about 40 years ago. You don't even need to buy them - if you have some old inner tubes around you can make a set in about 5 mins.

Glad to hear about your good experience in the UP. Great folks up there!