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Camp Mininque canoes

Jun 12, 2012
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Appleton, Maine

I ran into two of these canoes on my recent trip to LaVerendrye. There where 7 boys in two canoes, the leaders didn't look much older than the campers. They where paddling wood canvas canoes made by the camp in their own shop.

Here is the first canoe passing as I watched from my campsite. The boy in the stern is the leader I assumed.

At first I thought they where day trippers, but we where too far from any place to take out, so I asked them where their gear was.
"We are sitting on it" cried out the young First Nations camper...they had a good laugh.

They grouped up and talked in low tones...who was that old guy dopey enough to carry a wood canvas canoe over these ports they might be saying. Then they all laughed....looked like a great time for these youngsters.

Some pictures from their website (http://www.nominingue.com/laurentians-boys-camp.php) where there is some interesting facts about wood canoes and what they think of them.
"Besides being the most pleasant canoe to paddle, a cedar-canvas canoe can be rebuilt for less than half the price of a new canoe. The end result of our service is a completely rebuilt canoe, one that is structurally as strong as the original."*

*Just another mans opinion

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