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Jul 25, 2012
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Kinda..Sort of ...a book...but more!

Kinda..Sort of ...a book...but more!

I guess that when it comes right down to it I'm not a big fan of the latest electronic devices. What little I've incorporated into my life has been after my daughters have wrestled me to the mat and I've had no choice. But dang it, after I learn to work the thing, it turns out their always right. Case in point is the Barnes and Noble "nook". I got the simplest one of the several choices they offer (longest battery life) and all they say about it is true. It's flat grand! I won't go into a sales pitch, you can look it up. But for me probably the best thing is I can adjust the print size up to where these old eyes can see the print with no problem.
On those windy rainy days looking out from under the tarp, with my nook in hand, I must admit I've raised some smart girls.
Best Wishes, Rob