Books for repairing/restoring canvas/wood Old Town canoes



We have an old Old town wood/canvas canoe that my wife wants to restore. What books would this group recommend for guiding this endeavor?
Sep 2, 2011
Raymond, ME
The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association has a book titled "Rebuilding the Wood and Canvas Canoe" to get you started.

That said, Benson Gray of the Old Town Grays is a resident of the forums there. There are a lot of builders with Old Town connections also willing to help.

Last year at Assembly the featured boat was Old Town..There must have been a hundred of them on the lawn at Paul Smiths College.

the main website is and the forums are something you probably want to join or ferret around in.

If she does not know the build history of her Old Town , it you can request it through the WCHA forums. They have that sort of info.
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