Bearwood Canoes Parry Sound Ontario

Sep 2, 2011
Raymond, ME
I've know Pam Wedd for a few years now. She is a perennial at the WCHA Assembly too. She often is in charge of the new canoe construction project at the Assembly.

She is one of the few builders that uses Dacron as well as canvas. Both have their advantages. Dacron is lighter, but telegraphs hull imperfections much more. So her hull fairing is exquisite.

She offers classes too.

She is known as the Recycle Lady..No bottle or can shall go unnoticed in the trash can. Pam will pick them out, but its better for us to be mindful and not make her do that.


Thanks for posting this. My wife and I just purchased a 2.25 acre bush lot surrounded by Crown land which we'll be making our playground. It so happens it's 5 minutes from Orrville, where Bearwoodcanoes is located, and our property backs onto the same river (the Seguin). I suspect we'll be paying them a visit sometime soon.

- Martin