Anybody in the market for a new tent?



I recently ordered a new solo tent for myself and provided it works out for me I'd like to sell my Big Agnes Seedhouse 3 tent.

I'd like to take the new tent on a trip first so I can be sure it will work out for me. I'm headed out this weekend but it's looking like I won't have it by then.

Anyway, I'd like to get the feelers out on it. There is no need for a tent as good as this one to sit in season.

Bottom line. I love this tent. Best tent I've ever owned, hands down. Light, tough, roomy, easy to setup, dry.

My wife is hammocking now and I don't need to carry a 3 person tent. I actually won't save much by using a solo, but mainly I want the smaller footprint to be able to pitch in less than ideal locations.

It's been updated ever so slightly - looks like the poles are different. Mine has a nice, beefy aluminum hub where they connect.

For 3 people, it would be a bit tight. For two it has plenty of wiggle room.

I have the footprint for mine, which I've always used, and I think with that, all packed up, it comes in at just over 4 lbs.

The tent is in like-new condition. There are two small pin holes in the vestibule part of the fly where an ember from the fire hit it. You wouldn't notice them if unless I showed you exactly where. Word to the wise - keep it far from the fire, the fabric won't tolerate much. They could be plugged with a little goo but it's in the vesti and it doesn't leak, so I haven't patched them.


Attached are a couple pictures.

I'm asking $250 + shipping.


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