Any good canoe blogs/photographers you know of?



Guest aka Canoeguitar. Each one of his shots far exceeds 1000 words.
Aug 23, 2013
Red Lake, Ontario
For a photographer I will also endorse canoeguitar, sometimes when you are there you never can seem to get a picture that captures what it was like to be there and words don't seem to do it. Mike has managed to somehow capture that in his photographs. You look at them and go "YES! That is what it felt and looked like when I was there"

I don't know of any bloggers per se, but check out Hoop's (also a member here) video blogs on youtube. He goes by the handle Wintertrekker I believe and has some very detailed videos on his style of canoeing. His biology background gives a unique perspective and his survivalist interests means there is almost always something to learn in that vein. His recent multi part series on his trip to Savant Lake was a particular favourite of mine.

There has also been a few videos mentioned here before that were well worth the watch in my opinion.
Jul 31, 2011
Aberdeen, MD
Who was the guy who posted up that great series of 4 videos on YouTube... I think Murat brought our attention to them, and then the guy himself posted... Justin something maybe? Anyone know what I'm talking about? He was Canadian too, I think.