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ADK Keith's Gear List

Aug 1, 2011
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North Creek NY
Thanks for the comments folks. I feel very fortunate, on many levels, to do this trip.

Hmm, a gear list Robin? OK, I'll give it a try. As far as weights, I can tell you my cooking system with the wood stove but without the GSI cup comes in at 12 oz. but aside from that I don't know.

I thought I might be out up to 5 nights:

Hornbeck 12’ Black Jack New Trick
Werner Kalliste Paddle
Sterns inflatable belt PFD that they don’t make anymore

11’x 11’ Sportsman Guide coated nylon tarp
8’x10’ sil-nylon tarp (did not use)
Hennesy hammock (did not use)
20 degree bag
Thermarest NeoAir pad
Thermarest chair kit
Feather Fire alcohol stove
20 oz. Alcohol (used about 6 oz.)
Home made wood stove (did not use)
Snow Peak titanium solo combo (that my alcohol stove and wind shield fit inside)
Spork (please don’t hate me)
First aid kit and “if things go really bad” kit
Tiny Toiletries Kit
Tiny fix-it kit.
Android tablet (lighter than a book and a pack of cards)
Ole Time Woodsman Bug Dope (Don’t leave home without it!) (did not use)
Couple of pairs of eye glasses and a pair of sun glasses
Digital camera and way too many extra batteries
Paddler’s Map
Possibles bag – compass, tp, sun screen, etc.
½ ShamWow boat towel
Gerber ripstop fine edge knife (really like this knife)
Home Made Gravity feed water using Sawyer Mini filter system and a cheap dry bag for a reservoir
Small bag of bags (Selection of plastic bags from sandwich to garbage size)
Mesh bag of para cord (various lengths for hanging food, suspending tarps, etc.)
30 year old Camp Trails internal frame Pack (I have a lighter pack for weekends)
REI Flash 18 with a 100 oz water bladder
Pack covers for both packs

Light rain coat and pants
Rain hat and sun hat
1 pair REI Safari pants (great pants, repel water but dry quickly and mosquitoes do not penetrate)
2 pair wicking t-shirts
1 pair poly pro long underwear tops and bottoms
1 flannel shirt
1 wind blocking fleece jacket
1 fleece shirt
1 pair liner gloves and 1 pair of fleece gloves
fleece hat
2 handkerchiefs
3 pairs of socks
1 pair Keen hiking boots
1 pair Sperry water shoes
5 Hawk Viddles meals for dinners (only used 3)
Oscar’s summer sausage and smoked gouda and whole wheat wraps for lunch (Finished Half)
Packages of oatmeal and a small package of granola for breakfasts.
Nescafe instant coffee (new for me this year. Always made cowboy coffee in the past)
1 pint Black Velvet (DNF)
1 pint Yukon Jack (DNF)
12 granola bars (ate 7)

Everything goes in light dry bags of some sort.

I know I could leave a lot more home but I'm a member of a search and rescue team and there are some things I just can't not take.