Adirondack map by the Adirondack Council

Aug 5, 2011
Western NY between Buffalo and Rochester
I just got a new map in the mail!
The Adirondack Council published and is distributing for free (for now) a beautiful waterproof map of the "Bob Marshall Adirondack Wildlands Complex" This map gives a great, big picture view of some of the prime paddling destinations.
This region is bounded by route 28 on the south, 30 on the east, 3 on the north and the blue line on the west.
It's not detailed enough for trip navigating, but shows where things are in relation to each other....and the vastness of the wilderness there.
I love maps!
I never got a waterproof map for free before!
Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
I received mine, great looking map. It seems to be part of a campaign to name the area the "Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex" by the Adirondack Council.

I remember from my collection of "Adirondack Reidings" in VOL II, (1989) by Edwin Reid there is a poem about not naming this area after Bob Marshall, or any person for that matter.

I don't know to much about it one way or the other, but when they started referring to it as "The Bob", well, I'll pass on telling folks I'm spending a week in the Bob next fall on my canoe in deer hunt. Five Ponds Wilderness is a pretty good sounding name imho.

But a nice map all the same.