A simple DIY latrine for a comfier bathroom experience. VIDEO



Over the years, one of the most reliably voiced concerns by people who don't camp in the backcountry or who've done so only a few times, is about how to poop comfortably in the woods.

For a lot of people, squatting is either too uncomfortable or just strenuous enough that they can't relax enough to have a satisfying bathroom experience...with the result that they either dread the idea of it so much they won't even try camping unless there's an actual bathroom or thunderbox, or else they go camping but find that they're bunged up for days, leading to a pretty miserable trip.

So, I've made a little video of a quick, simple, and comfortable latrine setup which I now use on every camping trip.


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Jul 25, 2012
Hey Martin, What a great idea! We don't think about this necessary subject until it's time, and then it's improvise and don't slip. I believe I'll use malleable iron wire and just leave it assembled. It's kind of fun thinking about the person who finds it: "now what the heck is this thing made for?" And what's the answer class? "It's a Pine Martyn flying trapeze!" .......Oh he flies through the air with the greatest of ease, and defecates where he wishes with the greatest of ease.....
Best Wishes and thanks!