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2023 Trip in Memory of Site Founder

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Feb 22, 2012
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Rochester, NY
Wow. It was ten years ago last month since Willis left us. That fateful day is seared into my memory. He and I were planning a trip together but it never got beyond the idea stage. I am going to try to plan some time next year to do it.
The big idea is a loop from Inlet (on the Oswegatchie) to Cranberry to Lows then down the Oz back to Inlet.

If anyone else would like to join me, I always welcome company on my trips.
Before my time. I appreciate what Willis started here.

Interesting route. If you're looking for a group, please post.
For those interested, I am still in planning stage of figuring out when I am available next year. Will post when it gets figured out.
This sounds like an adventure, one I’ve been thinking about doing. That portage from Cranberry to Lows is pretty serious, hiked some of it this fall. Depending on timing, I might be up for it.

I have struggled with this thread for days in private communications with some long time members and with the OP, DuctTape. The issue is that there are strongly divided opinions about Willis Brown among several members.

The reason for the division is as follows: While it is a fact that Willis founded this site in 2011, and I'm sure we are all are grateful that he did so, the controversial facts are that he murdered his wife, committed suicide, and thereby threw this site into months of chaos, to say nothing of his family. These are public facts on this site, detailed by none other than yours truly before I was administrator, which you can read about in posts HERE and HERE.

Now that this old can of worms has been reopened, there will naturally be a tendency to discuss or ask questions about Willis, which will detract and distract from the great Adirondack trip that DuctTape is thinking of organizing. Because I don't want that trip to be hijacked by discussions about Willis in this thread or frictions to continue, and don't really want any more public discussions of him at all, I am going to lock this thread.

I ask you all for your understanding of this completely unique situation. DuctTape has said it is too early for him to have firm plans, so I would ask him to start another thread for this trip when the time is closer. It's a trip that has gotten great reviews in the past. I don't think trips need to have names, but if it's posted here, I would prefer it to have a non-controversial and more generic name, such as CanoeTripping 12th Anniversary Trip or some such. Folks can talk about whatever they want privately or around the campfire.

I felt that I had to be completely transparent about what's going on, and this is the least bad solution I can think of. Thank you.
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