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2022 Western Pennsylvania Solo Canoe Rendezvous

Jun 15, 2022
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Spartanburg, SC
I'm new to the forum, but in response to my intro and mentioning my recent trip to the WPSCR and Whitney Wilderness area, Gamma asked for a trip report. Here it is for the WPSCR; this event is held annually on the first weekend in June.

After a drive from South Carolina and spending the night at the Ohiopyle State Park, I arrived at the Coopers Lake venue, checked in, made my way to the lake, met the folks already there and set up camp. I then paddled my canoe over to the "canoe parking area" that is set up for folks who don't mind others testing out their canoe. It was a nice afternoon to chat and meet new paddlers. There were quite a few from upstate New York and I grilled them for info on paddling in the Adirondacks, which was my next destination after the Rendezvous. I also checked out the booths set out by Savage River Canoe and Hemlock Canoe. By dinnertime a spread of tasty food was laid out on tables under the big tent for the traditional Friday night vegetarian pot luck dinner. Paddlers like to eat and there are some really good cooks in this bunch. It was then time to talk canoe stuff until dark and hit the tent.
Saturday began with the sound of birds at five o'clock. I rolled back over and dozed until after six. Upon crawling out of my sleeping bag, I headed over to the big tent where I was greeted by coffee, doughnuts, pastries and fruit. Paddlers like to eat. This was my boat test day. I paddled a couple Savage River boats, a couple of Hemlock canoes, looked over the "paddler's yard sale area" and met more kindred spirits. During this time there was a big "make your own sandwich" smorgasbord under the big tent. Paddlers like to eat. Back to paddling and it was time to test out some private boats. Where else can one get to check out so many different canoes, many no longer in production. At six o'clock it was time for a catered dinner; an all you can eat Bar-B-Q Chicken dinner. Paddlers like to eat. Do you discern a theme of here? Canoes and food, a great combo! After dinner there was a half hour program of Freestyle Canoeing then it was time for me to paddle my canoe back to camp, load it up and talk with a few camping neighbors. I would set off early on Sunday morning to drive to Long Lake, NY to start my paddle in the Adirondacks. Before starting out on Sunday however, I did stop at the big tent for coffee, doughnuts, pastries and fruit. Paddlers do like to eat!


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Nice! About how many people were there, do you think?

I may try to get there someday.
It seemed as though there were around 50 on Friday and around 100 on Saturday. It was a good gathering of interesting and knowledgeable people though. I plan on going back again.