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15’ Chestnut Chum- SOLD

Jun 12, 2012
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Appleton, Maine
Canoe has been a very nice solo tripper for many years, I’m 6’, 220, makes an good day tripper tandem for a smaller couple (adult and child)
Canoe has a 4”x4” patch on the bottom and two cracked ribs in another area. If I replaced the ribs and canvas this canoe would be well over $1500. Canvas has no rot, it will be good for many more trips as it is now.DSC00418_Original.jpegDSC00374_Original.jpegDSC01465_Original.jpegDSC02240_Original.jpeg
I paid $500 for an OT Guide 18 around 1995. It had a cracked gunwale and several broken ribs. I made a temporary fix with thickened epoxy. I added a block of wood on the gunwale and some screws. I paddled that boat all over the West for over 25 years. Lots of week long trips. I loved the boat. The canvas finally failed. I started to repair the boat, removing ribs and planning to replace the inwales. The boat was old and brittle. I found removing tacks to be very tedious. Trying to find 19 foot gunwales is difficult. They needed two scarfs. I finally gave the boat away.

My moral is that the old wood and canvas boats are just fine with a few repairs and some wear. A restored boat would make me nervous. They are made to be used and don't need to be perfect.
Beautiful canoe and definitely priced to sell. You're not planning any trips out west are you Robin? Is this one that you replaced the inwales in the past?