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15→16→17→18→19→20→21→2200 Members

The site reached 2,000 members today, adding 100 since March 7. During that period I rejected about 170 attempted registrations as potential spam.

The 2,000th member is maggie, who is my wife. She reads the site periodically and has some favorite posters.
The site reached (over) 2,100 members today, adding 102 since May 17.

During that time I rejected about 71 attempted registrations as potential spam, which was actually a significant reduction from the two months prior to May 17. Since May 17, I also banned about 10 one-post registrants for posting public spam and another for posting spam in private conversations, which was an increase in bans from the prior period. Thanks to the the members who reported those spam postings. The spam postings are almost always posted overnight (ET) and are removed by the next morning, so many of you may never have seen them.
Glenn thank for enduring this . I thought road association president was bad(not to be mistaken as that curse called HOA)
Thank you, Glenn. What a lot of work to keep this site looking as lovely as it does.
Thanks for the update Glenn, I’m glad the site has a steady increase of a small but interesting group of new posters. Thank You for your diligence, much appreciated.
I’m glad the site has a steady increase of a small but interesting group of new posters.

As you accurately point out, only a small fraction of the total new registrants become regular posters, but we've been fortunate in getting some very good new contributors, who have more than balanced off the inevitable attrition of former regular posters.
The site reached 2,200 members today.

Don't worry, this thread is not going be be like the McDonalds signs. For those who were around in the 1950's, McDonalds began posting the number of their hamburgers served worldwide on their signs. They quit doing that around 1994 with their signs stopping at either "Over 99 Billion" or "Billions and Billions".

mcdonalds 1 million.jpg

McDonald 99 Billion.jpg

McDonalds Billions and Billions.jpeg

This thread will quit at 2,500 members, which will represent about a doubling of the membership since I took over as administrator in August 2021, and when I will consider quitting too.
Great Job Glenn !

I have enjoyed the improvements you have made !
I raise my Paddle to you !

I’m conflicted. While I think the site has improved, I don’t like growth. It cheapens the experience. I was fond of the small collection of old timers here. Everything has gotten so crowded, impersonal, and commercial I miss simpler times. Let’s keep it at 2500 or so, at least until I’m pushing up daisies, ok?