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    Why you shouldn't paddle a kayak....

    But sometimes you gotta Kayak to get to some places
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    Unusual source for a new 60L blue barrel

    here is a link to UN Rated Barrels that Harmony resells
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    Unusual source for a new 60L blue barrel

    Reviews say it was not waterproof/ air tight. Best to check it out fully.
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    3M Dual Lock—Q's & A's and Tests for Canoe Uses

    Mike. When you refer to Velcro are you referring to the brand of hook and loop closure or to a unknown brand of hook and loop closure. To further mess with your head there are different ratings on hook and loop closures as far as how hard they grip and the 1/2 life of strength. sorry to get your...
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    3M Dual Lock—Q's & A's and Tests for Canoe Uses

    I used dual lock when attaching Bell Rob Roy covers back in the day... about three per side - 6" of the clear with the adhesive foam on the back to adhere to the hull. I then sewed the non adhesive to the cover. McMaster Carr in the past was the 3 m dual lock. Going the whole length of a splash...
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    PIctures of celebrities in canoes

    Not a picture while paddling, but they paddled into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to a campsite I had set up this past September and they had lunch in my wood stove heated tent. Folks should recognize the woman on the far left from TV and Movie work she has done. I paddled with them to the...
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    For reference: Blue Barrel Dimensions and volumes

    Look up the number on the barrel look at this reference chart I purchased a number of Mauser manufactured barrels from US plastics 1H2/x61/S/18/D/BAM9815-MS5 Have fun Mike
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    Snowdrift River, Northwest Territories (2001)

    Thank you for taking us along. I have enjoyed your trip reports as I can feel like you have brought me along. Thanks again.
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    Canoe Outfitting Attachment Weight Bearing Experiment

    If you want to see an example of load ratings change with the direction of pull see what the angle does to webbing or cable slings
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    Layup Lining Holes

    Yes I have done it in Kevlar hulls. Drill hole to fit pvc pipe, epoxy the pvc in place, File and sand smooth. Hardest part is getting the nerve to dill into the hull and judging level and symmetrical.
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    Canoe Outfitting Attachment Weight Bearing Experiment

    With the Plastic (if made from Nylon) loops they will be less prone to fracture if they have been immersed in water for a day. If delrin plastic the chlorine can lead to stress cracking. Also Temperature will have effect on the strength and creep of the plastic hardware. Then there is the...
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    Canoe Outfitting Attachment Weight Bearing Experiment

    The direction of force applied I believe should mimic the use. Failure after time was most likely due to creep of the webbing from such a pinpoint force applied from the rivet. A washer on top of the webbing would assist in reducing creep. Fun exercise in trying to understand strengths of...
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    Canoecopia 2020

    Jatfomike did you take in the presentation Andrew did at Great Miami Outfitters in Ohio?
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    Canoecopia 2020

    I will be there this year again. CCS first was there in 1985. Been there almost every year since. I have gone to two programs over the years. First year I will be co - presenting with Jay Gutherie on the San Juan River in Utah.
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    What are you reading?

    Just finished this Book. A good read, very descriptive. In a part of route they paddled I felt Like I was back there on 30 mile lake. 29th Day Surviving a Grizzly bear attack...