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You kids get off my lawn! (way off topic)

Jul 6, 2021
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The Hereford Zone along the Mason-Dixon Line
My neighbor Wayne, who only lives in his house on weekends, called me to say that he had hired a new lawn care guy.

The new guy and his weed whacker helper showed up today. I got on the riding mower, drove over next door, parked beside his mower and bellowed Boy, what the HELL you doin’ on my lawn!

He looked somewhat taken aback, and then I introduced myself, told him Wayne had informed me he would be by, and said that he was welcome to use our driveway to back his truck and trailer around.

Everyone happy I drove away just in time to find his young helper weed whacking the grass along the shared driveway edge.

Again, Boy, what the hell you doin’ on my lawn!

He began stammering “Hamenahamenahanmena” before I could fess up.

T’was an enjoyable afternoon.