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Wintertrekking.com down?

Jun 12, 2012
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Appleton, Maine
This situation has been in the making for a while.

There was a long running thread on Wintertrekking.com about the absence of the administrator, Hoop, from the site, now it's down. I'm not sure if he ever responded to the members of Wintertreeking.com's concern, although I saw a post there from the previous owner of the site saying everything was fine.

In all fairness to the folks who have supported the Wintertrekking.com forum, contributed to it's fund raiser or run a winter camping related business this is a pretty sad situation and should have been avoided imo.

When I realized that my best days of running this site where behind me, I actually offered it to Hoop for free, thinking it would be a good opportunity for him to have the best of both worlds, winter camping and canoeing. He declined my offer. Thankfully DougD stepped in and we should all be grateful for that.

I follow Hoop on youtube, surprisingly he has released 5 videos in the last 3 months, one only 3 weeks ago. https://youtu.be/T3DhpUj51Ns.

***Shortly after posting this, I checked and Wintertrekking.com is up and running.....go figure.
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Aug 22, 2013
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Red Lake, Ontario
This may have something to do with the previous owner. He’s left a bit of mess behind as he cuts and runs away from his commitments. I feel bad for Glen , he’s a nice guy who got mixed up with the wrong person