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Wcha southeast chapter meeting

Jun 10, 2013
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Clearwater, FL
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Coastal Southeast Chapter "Spring" Gathering[/h]
WCHA Coastal Southeast Chapter
"Spring" Gathering

May 23-25
Melbourne, Florida

Canoe canvasing, working with sponsons,
& canoeing the subtropical chain of lakes on the St. Johns River

It may may not seem like Spring down here, but that's what the calendar still says, and the wildlife is plentiful. So please come join your wooden canoe friends and learn (or teach) canvasing techniques. We will be canvasing at least one canoe – a Carleton sponson canoe – so you’ll learn not only canoe canvasing but also how to install and canvas sponsons. If you have a canoe to canvas and you wish to bring it along, please let us know as soon as possible so we can ensure enough time.

Schedule of events:
Friday, May. 23: dinner and fun with friends, old and new
Saturday, May 24: canoe canvasing, fellowship; lunch and dinner together
Sunday, May 25: canoeing, birding, alligator watching on the St. Johns River; breakfast and lunch together

For more information on this event or the WCHA Coastal Southeast Chapter, email

WCHA Southeast Chapter
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
email: wcha_southeast@yahoo.com