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Turtle Flambeau Flowage 3 day shake out cruise

Jul 31, 2011
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Dodgeville, Wi
My dog Jake and I, plus Hogan and Jazzman from this site went for a 3 day short trip on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage in Northern Wisconsin. Basically the mornings were cool - in the 30's and the afternoons were warm - mid to high 60's. the skeeters were tolerable ... all in all pretty darn good weather ( that is not the norm when I travel with Hogan). Basically I wanted to see how my dog would do before our trip to Bear trap lake and the Sundial PMA in the BWCA.

Jake was well behaved, and seemed to love exploring the timber ... and even looked forward to the canoe rides. He is getting to enjoy camp life, and that is heart warming to me. I have always wanted a canoe dog, and Jake is showing some promise ... even for a big pup.

Jake is ready for the command to jump in the boat!

He is so excited to be going, but frustrated Hogan is in the lead.

Finally at camp. time to gather fire wood.

After breakfast on day two with temps in the 30's, not much to do but go for a paddle.


Afternoons warm up nicely, and we paddle some more.

Being there is more fun than getting there when you are tired.

As the evening takes over, the canoe is put away ... for dinner with a view.


Jake is ready for the paddle home ...


We had a great time, all 4 of us. The fishing was terrible, but the company was terrific. I learned a few things about Prospectors ... I know now what people mean when they say the boats paddle better with a load. I love paddling the boat with just Jake and I, but with a tripping load, man that boat just gets better. She is still very maneuverable and good in the wind. She does not get any slower, and with the extra weight has nice glide ... even for a 15 foot boat with good rocker. I am really looking forward to our next trip to the BWCA coming up.

Maaan, I never get tired of looking at your canoe Bob. And your gear. And your destinations.
Jake looks like he's taking to canoe and camp life well. Here's a question for you, and other tripping dog owners; how do you deal with biting insects? Do you use meds, spray, or nothing at all? Not trying to stir any debate, just curious is all.
Thanks for the shakedown report Bob.
Great pics. Jake looks very confident and comfortable in your Prospector. Enjoy your upcoming trips.
Loved the story, and pics.
My old Rat dog would stand up on the bow, the bow like that.
Great pics Bob, wow, new canoe and Jake becomes a tripping partner, pretty good in my book. The first pic is pretty nice, what an expression on Jake's face, "I'm ready Dad"