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The future of Wabakimi is now in your hands!



It's been 30 years since Wabakimi Provincial Park was originally created in 1983 and, at last, members of the public get a chance to have a say in planning for its future!

Check out the EBR Policy Proposal Notice (Number 011-8197) re Management Plans for Wabakimi, Kopka River and Whitesand Provincial Parks.

http://www.ebr.gov.on.ca/ERS-WEB-Extern ... anguage=en

Management planning for Wabakimi will include two abutting provincial parks--Kopka River and Whitesand. Under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act (2006), "a management direction (that is, either a management statement or a management plan) may apply to one or more provincial parks, one or more conservation reserves or to a combination of provincial parks and conservation reserves" 2006, c. 12, s. 10 (2). It is interesting to note that the Attwood Conservation Reserve is not included even though it touches Wabakimi in two different locations and links it directly to Albany River Provincial Park.

http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/html/statut ... 6p12_e.htm

The Invitation to Participate in the park management planning process only lasts 60 days from the date of the posting (February 22, 2013) and expires on April 23, 2013. Electronic submissions must be made using the on-line form provided in the EBR Notice referencing the EBR Registry Number. It would probably be better to submit lengthy comments in writing, that is, by mail. The individual to contact is:

Michèle Proulx, Park Planner
Ministry of Natural Resources
Provincial Services Division
Ontario Parks
Northwest Zone Office
435 James Street South
Thunder Bay Ontario
Phone: (807) 475-1477
Fax: (807) 475-1499

The schedule for further public consultation opportunities is vague and tentative--no specific dates are provided. It will be important to actively participate in each of these to view supporting documents such as maps and to stay abreast of developments as the park management planning process moves through Stages Two to Five. The first thing to do is to contact Michèle Proulx and get placed on the project mailing list.

The following are the opportunities for the public and Aboriginal communities to participate in the planning process (dates beyond Stage One are tentative):

Stage One – Invitation to participate (February 22, 2013 - April 23, 2013)

Stage Two – Opportunity to review background information (2013)

Stage Three – Opportunity to review the management options (2013)

Stage Four – Opportunity to review preliminary park management plan (2014)

Stage Five – Release of approved park management plan (2014)

Please let everyone you know who has an interest in the future of these parks and who may wish to participate in the planning process that the clock is ticking!

Meanwhile, I urge all members to read the following document to learn more about the park management planning process.

TERMS OF REFERENCE (revised, 2013)
Wabakimi Provincial Park, Kopka River Provincial Park and Whitesand Provincial Park

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