Stewart River Boatworks

Jun 12, 2012
Appleton, Maine
Alex Comb has a boat building shop in Knife River, MN. where he builds wood canvas canoes and other boats. His workmanship is well known in the wood canoe world, and he has made many tripping canoes now in use around North America.
He says he has taken ideas from the old Chestnuts and EM White canoes and improved on them. Ok, I'll let that slip, there's always room for improvement, but on a Chestnut? ;)

Here is a really nice solo that he builds, The Traveler


I paddle this boat from a canted seat so that I can kneel and sit at the same time. This renders great control of the boat, making it easy to maneuver or lean to give protection from waves. The seat can be mounted in a fixed position or, using brass fittings, on hardwood rails so that it can slide to change trim as needed. The sliding seat may be mounted either flat or canted - see photos at right.
Maximum carrying capacity is about 375 lbs.
Moderate tumblehome, 7/8" of rocker with a shallow arched hull.
Length:15'6"Weight:45 lbs.
Width at gunwale:26 3/4"Depth at midships:12.5"
Width at beam:29 1/4"Height at ends:18 3/4"
Width at 4" WL27 1/2"Price:$4095
Feb 1, 2013
I picked up a pair of portage pads and a set of waxed canvas kneeling pads from Stewart River. Really like them...