Solo 12 night Algonquin trip in September/October

Nov 10, 2013
Shohola, PA
Hi Pete,
I truly enjoyed your trip report. Fabulous photos and refreshing honesty about the workings of the solo tripping mind. Thanks
Sep 8, 2012
Thanks again, Cousin Pete. Reading one of your earlier trip reports is what encouraged me to get out and do more solo tripping. Given the conclusion of this trip report, it's ironic.

I did the same trip this summer at the end of July beginning of August, but used the water taxi on Opeongo as I had to finish in eight nights, so I did feel a lack of accomplishment in not traversing that great lake.

Nice to see the seasonal changes between your photos and mine. My trip report is not very introspective. Just a visual record, really.

I agree that solo tripping can get tiresome due to the time needed to set up and take down camp by oneself. I find myself at times worrying about being able to get to the next camp, instead of enjoying exploring the back bays. Need to plan less ambitious trips, I guess, with more layovers and "base camps."

DSCF0278-M.jpgRiver that enters Hogan Lake

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Feb 1, 2013
Burlington, Ontario
Hello Potterdave: Thanks for the kind words.
Hello Sturgeon: I am glad that one of my earlier reports encouraged you to get out and to do more solo tripping. I had read your report of the same loop a few times before doing my trip and I read it again afterwards. I also noticed the change in color of the tall grass in the River that leads to Hogan Lake. The grass in your report is so much more green and lush.

Take care,
Cousin Pete