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Savage River Falcon Decked Canoe for Sale

May 10, 2016
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The Falcon is a fast and maneuverable decked canoe with excellent glide and can be paddled with a single or double blade paddle. The hull and deck are made with a Uni-Biaxial Carbon Kevlar fabric while the interior is made with an extra layer of Kevlar which allows the boat weight to come in at only 30 lbs! The covered deck adds the ability to keep your gear dry with the added custom zippered spray skirt and is not affected by the wind and waves like an open canoe. 3-way adjustable height for bucket seat with adjustable footbrace. It can be paddled like a canoe with the higher seat or like a kayak with the lower seat option. With the lower seat the Falcon can take on larger waves so it can be used on open water like a sea kayak.
The cockpit size is 7' long, 20" wide for easier cargo packing and more room for the paddler. The bow height at front cockpit is 13" while the stern cockpit height is 12". Max Canoe width is 28".
A ZRE Power Surge 50" Carbon bent shaft paddle is included. Paddle is 9.5 oz with an 8" wide blade.
Canoe was custom built in 2018, is still in excellent condition and has always been stored indoors. Have original receipts for canoe/paddle and spray skirt. Canoe is located in southwestern New Mexico (Silver City). Price: $4,800.00


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