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Repurpose the Makita drill case

Aug 22, 2013
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Red Lake, Ontario
Carrying the fuel bottles has always been a paranoia of mine. Sure they are metal and pretty strong but I know they can be crushed and I fear naphtha leaking all over my gear.

So over over the years I have put them in this plastic container or that one with our without the stove, but never really happy with the set up.

This past summer I finally pitched my old Makita 7.2V cordless drill. Batteries were long ago shot and have since upgraded to a much more powerful 18V LiOn drill. But I hung on to the metal case it came in.

Sunday I was pretend packing for a yet to be decided trip months and months away when I discovered that the fuel bottles fit perfectly in the metal case adding that much more protection for being crushed. Not only that, it sure looks like it will fit 3 or the larger bottles quite snuggly, almost like it was designed for that very purpose.

Now it will only fit the bottles with the flat screw on lid like the primus bottles.

So if anybody's got one of those old Makita metal cases for the 7.2V cordless drill, and the same paranoia as me, you have an overpack for your fuel bottles.

I'll try to get some pictures this weekend.