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outfitting ~ Old Town Discovery ~

Feb 5, 2023
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Germany, Nohn
here it is ...

last year in November I bought an Old Town Discovery in excellent condition.

OldTown Discovery 146K.jpg

Canoe Oldtown Discovery 146
Build in: 1997
Length: 4,40 m
Width: approx. 90 cm
Weight: approx. 30 kg (rather more)

Oldtown Canoe-1.jpg . Oldtown Canoe-2.jpg . Oldtown Canoe-3.jpg

Oldtown Canoe-4.jpg . Oldtown Canoe-5.jpg . Oldtown Canoe-6.jpg

and sure - it had to be washed first after the transfer.

P1200222.jpg . P1200224.jpg . P1200225.jpg

P1200232.jpg . P1200233.jpg . P1200235.jpg

P1200236.jpg . P1200238.jpg

P1200239.jpg . P1200242.jpg

Nothing, but also nothing special scratches, scuffs or even dents.

Looks like new.

P1200243.jpg . P1200245.jpg . P1200246.jpg

P1200247.jpg . P1200248.jpg . P1200250.jpg

P1200251.jpg . P1200272.jpg

I was so happy about it!
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and now?!
The boat also had to be stored.
there was my plan.


Since I am not the best ladder worker ... and the thought "anchor points" in 8 meters height were stupid for me
I have put the anchor points by means of two beams Lower ... now it is 3.50m. Better is!

DSCI2992.jpg . DSCI2997.jpg


DSCI3001.jpg . DSCI3004.jpg . DSCI3005.jpg

DSCI3006.jpg . DSCI3008.jpg . DSCI3011.jpg

DSCI3015.jpg . DSCI3017.jpg . DSCI3021.jpg

DSCI3023.jpg . DSCI3027.jpg . DSCI3029.jpg

DSCI3031.jpg . DSCI3032.jpg . DSCI3034.jpg

DSCI3036.jpg . DSCI3039.jpg

DSCI3040.jpg . P1200387.jpg . P1200388.jpg

well - done!
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and the Name? - the Name! - her name is "Wilma"
(big fett crying mama seems to be too long)

DSCI3095.jpg . DSCI3099.jpg

DSCI3101.jpg . DSCI3104.jpg


and then "Wilma" must also be able to be driven on land - for this I have built myself a boat trolley
P1200322.jpg . P1200323.jpg

P1200324.jpg . P1200325.jpg . P1200326.jpg

P1200327.jpg . P1200328.jpg

DSCI3091.jpg . DSCI3092.jpg . DSCI3093.jpg

DSCI3094.jpg I have not seen for such a thing to pay 160€

MYOG rules!
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All around well done.
In use on more than grass you will most likely need more straps to keep the wheels from twisting under the hull. There are several other thread that discuss this.
yes, i think so too. But here in the region where I live, the terrain is not quite so hard or ruff conditions that I would need an 4x4 off-roader.
So that will suffice for now, I hope.
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A canoe reborn. Buen trabajo. Those are some of the really fun projects. You just made a bunch of money and created a great canoe.
Currently I am still optimizing the boat suspension. As it is now, it is not good.

The rope twists more and more, the higher the canoe is pulled. This is the problem of woven polyester cord ... A beaten cordage will certainly remedy the situation.

DSCI3057.jpg . DSCI3059.jpg

DSCI3058.jpg . DSCI3060.jpg

DSCI3061.jpg . DSCI3062.jpg
Danke, Michael, for so many complete pictures of your canoe, your outfitting and your lift and transport systems.

Do you paddle on lakes or rivers close to your home town, or do travel (or plan to travel) to more distant places or other countries for canoe trips?

Also, are their any open canoe paddlers or Canadian/American open canoe clubs near you, or are most other paddlers in decked kayaks?
here in the area where I live (in the middle of Germany) are only small to very small rivers and some lake-reservoirs.
So I have the opportunity to paddle on rivers as well as lakes.
Yes, there are a few who paddle with their open canoes - and in my bushcraft community are a few more. But since we are spread all over Germany, it is a little difficult to meet for joint trips - except in the vacations - but there are many with your families on the road.
Further down in the south, where the mountains (Alps) and rivers are, you can find many clubs that also go with their canoes.
Or high up to the north-east - there are a lot of lakes. But it also a long way to go partly 6-8 hours drive for me ...
no matter - :)
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You are not the Lone Ranger. This poll was taken seven years ago, so everyone who responded is now older. I know we have at least one member in his 80's and I'm getting close.

Very nice outfitting job. Thanks so much for the detailed pictures. I'm sure they will inform and inspire future researchers. Now enjoy your paddling!